Sara Jay & Blondie
Length: 30 Min. / 17 Sec.
Size: 456.29 Megabytes
Busty blonde pornstar Sara Jay is all about giving a helping hand. Watch Sara and her blonde friend get their lesbian fullfillment!
Happy Birthday To You
Length: 30 Min. / 06 Sec.
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Watch these birthday bitches playing with each other’s big boobies and playing with their favorite sex toy! Kinda makes you wish you were a woman!
Hot Chicks In The Pool
Length: 17 Min. / 57 Sec.
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A gorgeous Blonde and smokin' hot Brunette spend some fun time outdoors in the pool. It isn't very long before they dive head first into some muffdivin' action!
The Hot Lesbian Duo
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These gorgeous dyke babes definately raise the temperature of the room alot with their hot lesbo loving action! You just have to see this hot scene!
Some Horny Ass Gals
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Great Black Outdoors
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This duo of hot black lesbos gets their fill outdoors in the sun! They spread down a blanket and proceed to muffdive and dildo their way to new orgasmic heights!
Taxi Cab Lezfessions
Length: 9 Min. / 59 Sec.
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Haven't you always wanted to see to gorgeous lesbians doing it in a yellow taxi cab? Now you can live out your fantasy by watching these two hot chicks get it on!
Classic Lesbo Action
Length: 14 Min. / 05 Sec.
Size: 107.72 Megabytes
Remember back in the good 'ol days when vibrators had to be hooked up to the wall? Here is your chance to take a look at what lesbianism used to be like.
La Ebonita Motel
Length: 16 Min. / 22 Sec.
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Two horny black lesbo ladies put on a hot dyke show for a guy to watch inside a cheap motel room. Watch them fondle, muffdive, and dildo their way to orgasms.
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Everyone loves oreo cookies right? Well how bout a hot lesbian scene with a sexy white bitch sandwiched between two ebony dykes! Bust out that glass of milk!
Lipstick & Lingerie
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These tongues know how to rock a pussy! Watch these two sexy blonde dykes in garter belts & nylon stockings take care of each others pussies!
Ebon-me Ebon-you
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Teacher & Student
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She loves it when her man comes in her eyes. Two girls sucking on a fat cock making sure that when he comes every drop of it gets in their eyes!
Nothing Else To Do
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At the end of a long day of shooting these two supermodels found themselves with nothing to do ... so they just started eating eachothers pussy!
Boobs & Fake Cocks
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A Special Dream
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